Breakfast & Lunch


Vienna Pancakes

Michigan maple syrup, toasted pistachio butter, fresh berries & whipped cream

Quiche Lorraine

The classic: bacon, Gruyère, green onion & egg custard: Fresh berries on the side

Irish Oats

Steel cut oats, almond milk, brown sugar, toasted almond & dried fruit

Eggs Benedict

Poached eggs, house-cured bacon, & classic hollandaise with herbed potatoes

Sausage Plate

House-made breakfast sausage patties, Plath’s smoked polish sausage, eggs to order, herbed potatoes & Santé toast


House-cured bacon, eggs to order, herbed potatoes & Santé toast

Cherry Cognac Pain Perdu

Brioche, egg custard, vanilla bean, cherries, & cognac hard sauce


Available after 11am

Steak & Frites

Grilled hanger steak, Maître d’Hôtel butter, broccolini & house made Belgian frites with sauce Rouille

Fish & Chips

Lemon breaded Great Lakes whitefish, Belgian frites, sauce remoulade & Rouille



/ $7.00
Greek lemon soup with chicken & rice


Snails baked with morel mushroom butter & served with house-made ciabatta bread

Fromage Frais

Gournay cheese baked with cream & olive oil. Served with fresh ciabatta bread

Pâté Maison

Country-style pâté, grilled bread, red onion marmalade, mustard & cornichons

Shrimp Scampi

An Italian classic: shrimp baked with garlic butter, herbs & bread crumbs


Meat & Cheese Board

Chef’s selection of Charcuterie & cheese, served with crackers, olives & Marcona almonds

Duck French Onion Soup

/ $9
Baked with Gruyère